The Rainbow Cube / Rainbow Hologram, Glass / 110 x 110 x 110 mm / 2003


The Rainbow Book / Rainbow Hologram, Glass / 240 x 250 mm/ 2003

Job description:

Hologram is a tool just like camera. When camera takes a picture of object in two-dimensions, hologram does the exactly same thing in three-dimensions. Hence the most of holograms do represent works of lights.

After seen outcomes of flat or three-dimensional holograms, I have developed interests in making a hologram through a variety of formative principle that highlighted in artistry.

This Hologram was created by one of holograpical method called (Rainbow Hologram), which enhances the holographic film projection with principle of the spectrum of light visible on the glass.

This work was based on attempting to recapture the childhood memories of wanting to put a rainbow in a box.

From different angles, you can see the colors of the rainbow in a glass box, and observing by shaking a box up and down, you can see the color separation.

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